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Spring 2016 Magazines
Ages: 8 - 12 yrs.
Newsstand Price: $4.95
Subscription Price: $26.95 / 6 Issues

Bazoof, the magazine formerly known as Zamoof, gives readers 8-12 ideas and encouragement to live a healthy lifestyle.

Newly subtitled as "the quirky-clever-healthy-fun magazine," the features, games, and quizzes engage readers with questions about the body (True or False? Sweat from your feet smells bad), an eco-themed word search, and reading comprehension quizzes based on kid-submitted stories. Kitchen & Crafts (zucchini is one of the easiest vegetables to grow), Fun & Games, Comics & Stories, Fun Features (Pet Horoscopes) and true stories are in each issue. The pull out posters are for age-appropriate feature films (Good Dinosaur, Inside Out, Peanuts) and other advertisements are for nonprofit organizations ( and reader survey incentivized with an Animal Planet product give-away. But no overt "buy me now" messages.

Other than Nurse Sniggles, the outer space theme setting seems to have taken a back seat with the name change. And that's something we miss. That said, if this light-hearted magazine gets readers to adopt better nutrition, exercise and behavior habits, we'll give it our stamp of approval.

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