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Fall 2015 Games
Ages: 6 & Up
Manufacturer: Fat Brain Toys
Price: $15.95

Woo! is a fun tile-based spelling game, with a twist. Players select tiles from the pile, and spell numbers; such as one, two, four, ten, etc. At the end of the game, each player gets a score for the number they spelled (one is worth 1 point, eight is worth 8 points, etc). At any point in the game, if a player spells the number "ten", and another player has an "o" tile and a "wo" tile, they can WOO! the first player by stealing the tiles, to spell the numbers "one" and "two" (turning a 10-point "ten" into a 3-point "two" and "one".)

It's fun to draw the tiles and spell... but kids are also challenged to think ahead to high scoring words. Do they want to save their "n" for a higher scoring "nine", or use it to spell "one?" Should they turn in a rarely used "x" or hold onto it hoping to spell a 6-point "six"?

For our 7 year old tester, this was a good lesson in quick math in his head, as he worked through the potential words, and what the final score would be. Our entire family enjoyed playing, and the metal tin and quality of the wooden tiles makes the game that much more enjoyable. This would be an easy game to keep in the car to play at restaurants, or to pull out for family game night. It would also be appropriate in a classroom from 2nd grade on up.

Barbara Chamberlin   ©2015 Parents' Choice
Barbara Chamberlin researches and develops educational software and media at New Mexico State University's Learning Games Lab. She and her husband have two boys.

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