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Kids' Candor Educational Kit - Shapes

Kids' Candor Educational Kit - Shapes

Fall 2015 Toys
Ages: 2 - 3 yrs.
Manufacturer: Kids' Candor, Inc
Price: $45.00

We've seen subscription-based educational themed kits before, but this is the first bilingual educational kit we've seen. The focus of the kit is to encourage child and adult to play together to learn.

The bilingual (English/Spanish) Shapes kit provides tools and guidance to parents and caregivers on how to playfully and appropriately instruct their child about shapes. Intended for children 2-3 years old, this kit includes a CD with four original shape-themed songs (English, Spanish, and bilingual versions of each), Eric Carle's "My First Book of Shapes" (bilingual), a wooden shape sorter, a roll of masking tape, colorful tissue paper shapes, laminated shapes flashcards, and 20 double-sided activity cards (English/Spanish).

Each activity card lists the materials needed for and directions to conduct that particular activity, as well as a list of English and Spanish key words learned and employed. Additionally, each card has symbols to denote the skill areas addressed. The simple activities are clearly explained. As one example, parent and child try to make shapes with their fingers or legs. Other ideas include using both the ring of shape cards and the shape sorter to sort, find, and match the shapes. Or find that shape in an object around the room.

Designed for parents or caregivers who may not be experienced or confident in teaching little ones about the shapes in the world around them, this kit offers a welcoming way to get started.

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