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Play on Words

Play on Words

Fall 2015 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: David James Games
Price: $13.99

Play on Words® is true to its title. In this clever, fun to play, mind-expanding game, players build words not only from the cards in the stacks, but by changing and rearranging letters in words (yours or your opponent's) which have already been played. The deck of cards includes letters A-Z (from 1-8 depending on the letter), six common English language consonant combinations (ST, SH, TH ... ) three wild cards and two flip cards (choose J or X; V or Z). Each turn requires each player to make a new word of three or more letters. Play-ons can be done by adding a card (or more) to the beginning, end, or the middle of an existing word. All original/existing letters of the word must be used. As a simple example, add a y and rearrange the word "lap" to become "play." Then add an s to become "splay" and, well, you see how it goes. Game setup, instructions and variations are clear. If you don't like reading directions, the Play On Words website has video tutorials.

Our testers found that playing on teams helped transform some younger word builders from frustrated to victorious. Lots of fun, plenty of learning. No game board or tiles required.

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