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Guidecraft™ IO Blocks™ 114 Piece Set

Guidecraft™ IO Blocks™ 114 Piece Set

Fall 2015 Toys
Ages: 4 & Up
Manufacturer: Guidecraft
Price: $39.95

The 114 puzzle-like pieces have 12 unique interlocking shapes in appealing and gender-neutral modern colors of red, green, blue, tan, black, and white. The plastic forms are well constructed and sized, have a satisfying feel when snapped together, and incorporate both straight edge and curved elements.

Unencumbered by theme or instruction, our young testers made animals, buildings, cars and trucks, and some things we didn't recognize. For those builders who want to explore Augmented Reality, there's a free compatible app available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. While our testers were intrigued, they preferred the reality of their own making.

Claire Green   ©2015 Parents' Choice
Claire is president of Parents' Choice Foundation and cofounder of Sandbox Summit®. She looks for toys and media that will unleash children's interests, and celebrate the fun of learning.

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