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Smart Start™ - Cheese Dip™

Smart Start™ - Cheese Dip™

Fall 2015 Games
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: PlayMonster
Price: $17.99

Designed for ages three and up, this fun multi-level game challenges young learners to recognize letters and spell words. Roll the die to see which player is next to use his/her mouse tail - and fine motor skills - to hook the "cheesy looking" letters from the bowl and be the first to spell the word shown on the game card. The cards have three, four and five letter words, accommodating a range of ages and abilities.

Before moving on to the intended game play, our testers played in a variety of ways, building knowledge and confidence along the way. Of the 37 letters (26 consonants and 11 vowels) they first worked to identify each letter. Parents and older siblings held up letters asking the young ones what they were. They called out a challenge to find a specific letter in the bowl. They learned that the consonants are yellow and vowels are orange, and that the M,W,N and Z letters were tougher to spot in the bowl.

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