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JMS On the Go Mystic Knots

JMS On the Go Mystic Knots

Fall 2015 Toys
Ages: 6 & Up
Manufacturer: Horizon Group USA
Price: $9.99

For crafters ready for a switch from bead bracelet kits, Mystic Knots offers a fun and satisfying twist. The instruction sheet provides an illustrated guide to using the pegboard to make five different knot styles (infinity, ribbon, continuous ribbon, heart and cloud) and how to use the knots as the design centerpiece for a bracelet or necklace. Materials include colorful embroidery thread, paracord and satin cord, pegboard, pegs, and metallic accent beads. The number of bracelets and/or necklaces produced by one kit is determined by the complexity of design.

Parents suggested a minimum age of seven is more realistic than the 6+ age printed on the package.

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