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Todo Math

Todo Math

Fall 2015 Mobile Apps
Ages: 4 - 7 yrs.
Developer: Enuma
Platform: iPad; iPhone; iPod

Todo Math is a game-based app designed to teach and reinforce critical mathematic skills of pre-K through second grade learners. Children can practice counting and symbol-quantity relationships by counting farm animals, work on one-to-one correspondence as they help Gator do his grocery shopping, play memory matching games and much, much, more. These short, self-contained games are teaching and honing foundational math concepts.

Todo Math is designed so that children play for approximately ten to fifteen minutes daily; this consistent use of mathematic skills is critical for building proficiency and laying the groundwork for more complex concepts. The wide variety of activities as well as the capacity to customize ability levels grants the app excellent long-term play and learning values. Additionally, children can use Free Play mode to select specific skills to practice (e.g., counting change) and complete missions to unlock additional levels. Research has long supported the theory that in order for learning to take place activities must be challenging, yet achievable. And, Todo Math nails it.

Parents can register with Todo Math to create up to three player profiles accommodating their children's various age and ability levels. They simply enter the child's birthday and select from several choices (e.g., kindergarten preparation, kindergarten, etc.). This is probably the only assistance that children will need, because navigating the app is extremely intuitive. The app features a Tutorial Adventure, which introduces and guides children through its basic activities (e.g., number tracing, pattern completion, matrices, etc.). Play and learning are self-directed, which fosters a sense of independence, accomplishment and confidence.

Todo Math is available for a free three-day trial with a three month subscription costing $7.99 and an annual subscription costing $24.99.

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