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Crayola DJ

Crayola DJ

Fall 2015 Mobile Apps
Ages: 6 - 10 yrs.
Developer: Legacy Games
Download Price: $4.99
Platform: iPhone/iPod Touch/Droid

Crayola DJ, an app created by Legacy Games for children aged six through ten years, features approximately 100 loops created by professional DJs, multiple musical genres (e.g., Hip Hop, Pop, Holiday, etc.) and a diverse collection of instruments and sound effects. Using two turntables, players select and combine drum lines, melodies and effects to create songs, which they can save and play back later. According to Crayola, the app is designed to always result in a good mix regardless of the players' knowledge, skills, or abilities. This guarantees success for players, which increases not only their confidence but their enthusiasm about music creation as well.

The game also features a two-player mode, which has players compete for the praise of their dancing fans. This is where things get confusing though; there are limited instructions on how to play the game and our young testers just wound up frantically hitting random buttons. As a result, they quickly became frustrated by and bored with this feature and moved on to other activities. Perhaps, future versions will make gameplay more intuitive, which would greatly increase our appreciation of the app as a whole.

Although the app does have limitations, it is still a fun hands-on way to introduce children to music creation and basic song construction elements including drum lines, melodies, pitch and tempo (not to mention simple cause-and-effect). Overall, it's a fun addition for imaginative play as children pretend to be DJ'ing their own private dance parties.

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