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Go Math! Academy

Go Math! Academy

Fall 2015 Website
Ages: 5 - 14 yrs.

Go Math! Academy, a website designed in conjunction with national Common Core Standards, presents children with a wide variety of grade-level math problems. Children can answer the questions and check their answers immediately; if they answer incorrectly, they are given a hint and additional chances to answer the question correctly. Additionally, they can click on the "Help Me" button for each problem or "Show Me" button on select problems to see video tutorials.

Each student can have his/her own grade-level profile with appropriate questions ranging from basic math skills such as pattern recognition and addition to more complex topics such as geometry and probability. These profiles can be managed in the Parent Dashboard where parents can also track their children's progress.

Parents can sign-up for a free 14-day trial, but after that, there is a $9.99 per month subscription fee. During our review process, we couldn't find any cap to the number of profiles/users per subscription, making this a solid purchase option for families with children of various degrees of ability and interest. Students (math friend or math foe) will find this self-paced and self-directed website an excellent tool for learning, practicing and advancing critical, grade-appropriate mathematical skills.

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