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Pig and Small

Pig and Small

Spring 2015 Picture Books
Ages: 3 - 6 yrs.
Author: Alex Latimer
ISBN: 978-1561457977
Hardcover Price: $15.95

When Pig meets Bug, they are both excited to have found a new friend. But their difference in size leads to a lot of misunderstandings. Pig has to do all the pedaling when they go for a bike ride, and Bug gets hurt feelings when Pig gulps down a tiny cupcake in one bite without noticing Bug's careful decorations. They can't even play chess together, because by the time Bug moves his first pawn, Pig has fallen asleep. If these two want to be friends, they must find creative ways to spend time together that they can both enjoy.

Latimer's whimsical, cartoon-style illustrations are by far the greatest strength of this sweet, engaging book about making friendship work through difficulties. Latimer captures action and expression beautifully, and young readers will be easily drawn into sympathizing with the characters and giggling at their mishaps.

Naomi Lesley   ©2015 Parents' Choice
Naomi Lesley taught middle and high school English for six years. She is currently in a doctoral program at the George Washington University, focusing on American young adult literature.

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