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First Flight Around the World

First Flight Around the World

Spring 2015 Non-Fiction
Ages: 10 - 14 yrs.
Author: Tim Grove
Author: Howard Reeves
ISBN: 978-1-4197-1482-5
Hardcover Price: $21.95

In 1924, the world had barely recovered from World War I. The radio was the exciting new invention. With no television or internet, news traveled only by daily newspapers and short newsreels shown before feature-length movies. And air travel was in its infancy; many Americans had never seen an airplane except in pictures.

That year, the United States entered an amazing race to be the first nation to circumnavigate the globe by flight. Competing against crews from Great Britain, France, Portugal, Italy and Argentina, the U.S. Army sent eight young men flying four bi-planes on a dangerous, once-in-a-lifetime, epic assignment that not only would boost U.S. prestige and honor worldwide but usher in the new era of aviation.

This riveting story chronicles the American crews' adventurous 150 days flying around the world, the hardships and life-threatening dangers they endured, the geographical, cultural and political obstacles they faced, and the heroic successes they accomplished.

Written by the chief of Museum Learning at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, the book is based on the journal of one of the crew members, along with newspaper reports and official documents. Besides the detailed narrative that reads more like an action thriller than a historical account, the book is filled with fascinating archival images from the remarkable feat and maps tracking the adventure.

Young readers, as well as adults, will find this history of a little-known moment of global proportions to be an exceptional read.

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