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Cauldron Quest

Cauldron Quest

Spring 2015 Games
Ages: 6 & Up
Manufacturer: Peaceable Kingdom
Price: $19.99

Players work collaboratively to assemble the three correct ingredients of the magical potion into the Cauldron before the Evil Wizard blocks all six paths and destroys the kingdom.

The board is set up in a circle, with multiple pathways to get to the Cauldron "finish line." There are quite a few moving parts to the game, including two sets of dice, player pieces, ingredient tokens, and "path blockers." It seems like a lot to master, but after playing the game once with instructions in hand, players fall under the spell of the gameplay. Teamwork is key: observation, planning an approach, talking about it and thinking it through, stirred together with a little bit of luck combine for the fun of winning - or losing - together.

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