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Glow Stick Lab

Glow Stick Lab

Spring 2015 Toys
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: Thames & Kosmos
Price: $19.95

The Glow Stick Lab contains four glow stick bottles, four stoppers, three bottle caps (without LED), one UV LED cap with hook, blue glow powder and green glow powder. Using the ingredients provided (for the simplest glow stick) and using other household ingredients (not included) the user can experiment and make five different types of glow sticks, and learn the how and why along the way.

The detailed and well-illustrated manual begins with the all-important safety section. From there, Glow Stick Lab technicians will learn the difference between phosphorescence and fluorescence properties - and hopefully how to pronounce and spell each. We learned about the light spectrum, LEDs, emulsion, and how everyday household items can light up your world.

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