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Good Egg

Good Egg

Spring 2015 Music
Ages: 3 - 10 yrs.
CD Price: $15.00

From her roots as a theater major, and performer in the hip clubs of New York City, Joanie Leeds has proved herself as a major talent in the field of children's music. Good Egg is her sixth album for children, and her fine, fine band, the Nightlights, joins her. Leeds continues to be an stellar performer, as well as creator of brilliant recordings; this latest 15 song collection, housed in eco-friendly packaging and including full lyrics and liner notes, is a fine addition to her already impressive catalog.

Combining rock and pop influences, Leeds structures songs around such themes as chaotic fun in "Food Fight," and the reggae fueled "Dinos on the Upper West Side," the use of idioms in "The World Is Your Oyster," and shunning gender stereotypes and expectations in "Confusing Costumes." The title track honors nerds, athletes and those who find knowledge fun, along with some egg-cruciating word puns, while the exceedingly funky rap of "Drummer Dan" celebrates the joys of rhythm. Elsewhere, "My Dad" is a touching tribute to fathers, "Shadow" is a Ska-flavored song about that which always follow us, and "Germs' is a new wave, They Might Be Giants-esque, look at those tiny particles. The myth-questioning "Always On The Run" explains how Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy all must be extreme multi-tasking experts. The album finishes with the tender "I Love You."

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