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Teachley: Addimal Adventure

Teachley: Addimal Adventure

Spring 2015 Mobile Apps
Ages: 6 - 8 yrs.
Developer: Teachley
Platform: iPad

Teachley: Addimals is an effective math skill-building app for grades K-2. The stage is set with the premise that an evil Professor Possum has obliterated the golden city of El Sumado and is building a robot to destroy the world. The players are challenged to win back the golden blocks and rebuild the city of Sumado, by mastering single-digit addition problems.

There are six activities that must be completed in progression. Each strategy has a specific Addimal character guide to teach specific tools. Math questions are posed with blocks which the player must pile up and select the correct total from a slider bar on the bottom of the screen. The graphic interface does a good job of reinforcing the visual components of addition with the blocks. The sliding bar to select the answer also reinforces the number sequence. Count All tasks players to add up blocks by starting with the number one each time. Count On teaches counting and adding with larger numbers, not always starting with one. Presented with two piles of blocks, the player indicates which pile of blocks will be put on the ground and added individually to the other pile. As the player taps to add each block, the correct number is revealed. The player must use the slider to indicate the sum of all blocks. Near Doubles features a disc that separates the blocks to show relationships of three sets of blocks to one sum. The remaining three challenges are Tens, Memory and With Hint. Teachley encourages teachers to set up a free account so they can monitor an entire classroom of students who may require different levels of attention and instruction. That's a bonus that really adds up.

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