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Geography Drive Arcade

Geography Drive Arcade

Spring 2015 Mobile Apps
Ages: 9 - 11 yrs.
Developer: Spinlight Studio
Download Price: $0.99
Platform: iPad

In the original Geography Drive app, players navigated a map of the U.S., learning geography of states and waterways, answering trivia questions about the states, and memorizing state facts in order to keep moving around the map. Geography Drive Arcade focuses on the state facts, pulling the drill games out for quick access. Players can practice with state capitals, state flags, state shapes, and spelling.

In the state capitals game, all fifty capitals are listed, and players must select from the list when a state name pops up. (There is no repetition of questions once a fact is made or missed; players have to repeat all fifty states in the game to get better, though questions go faster as time goes on.) Similarly, players select the state name from a list of all fifty when they try to identify the state by shape. In the state flags game, five are flying on poles at any time; flags disappear quickly after they are correctly identified -- this works well when one is secure in the knowledge, but if it was merely a lucky guess, it is removed almost too fast to make an impression for the next time around. Spelling seems to be the strongest drill; players hear the word (and can have it repeated as often as necessary) and type it out from memory (or intuition).

The arcade environment lacks the fun, road-trip feel of the original app, and there is far less material to learn in this app than in the original. However, it's very useful for students who are studying these facts for school (or grown-ups who simply wish to boost their long-forgotten or never-learned geography skills) to be able to pull up the quick quiz games as a flash-card-type drill.

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