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No School Today by Danny Weinkauf

No School Today by Danny Weinkauf

Fall 2014 Music
Ages: 4 - 10 yrs.
Producer: Danny Weinkauf
CD Price: $13.00

Danny Weinkauf, They Might Be Giants bassist since the late 90s, has released his first solo album for kids and families. No School Today delivers 16 tracks that are lyrically and musically original, zany, and loads of fun. Weinkauf performs at full throttle through songs including Archaeology "Arc Arc Arc Arc Archaeology, We'll survey around the grounds seeking data that abounds Then postulate on what we've found will our reasoning be sound?..." to The Kidney That Lived in Four People, (with special guest Hank Green) "There once was a kidney that lived in four people and I'm not even making this up It's the craziest thing from the wonders of science yeah, I can't get enough of this stuff…" Guest vocalist Laurie Berkner seems to spoon with Weinkauf in "Our Love Fits" - "like the bow to the arrow or the straight to the narrow wind to the sparrow or the wheel to the barrow bone to the marrow or the Mia to the Farrow." Anyone who has ever felt a twinge of indecision won't have any problem making up his mind about Weinkauf's :33 charmer Ambivalent: "I'm so Ambivalent or maybe not I guess that either way would be OK now I'm put on a spot Sometimes my feelings mix I just can't pick I'll stick with what I've got I'm so ambivalent or maybe not I'm so ambivalent or maybe not."

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