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Crayon Rocks

Crayon Rocks

Fall 2014 Toys
Ages: 3 - 12 yrs.
Manufacturer: Crayon Rocks
Price: $9.95

The Crayon Rocks are a compelling eco-friendly solution to a common children's challenge - learning a proper grip for pencils and crayons. As a mom and lifelong teacher (formally and informally), I encourage the use of these crayons over others for my 4 1/2 year olds because the size and shape was designed to develop and strengthen the tripod grip - no matter how much they try to avoid it.

Crayon Rocks come in several sized sets ranging in size from 8 ($4.95 plus shipping) to 64 ($29.95 with free shipping). We had great fun with the compelling 64 piece set. The colors are luscious; the packaging makes them as attractive as a box of Godiva chocolates. Yes, the collection is intended for a classroom but with 4 each of 16 colors, it is the perfect centerpiece for a family art session, with little or no wait time for any particular color. The rocks also became blueberries, cars, barn animals, and served well as color and counting sorting activities. An information card notes that the non-toxic crayon rocks are made with USA soy wax and manufactured in Kentucky. We love the rocks, practically, aesthetically, and ecologically.

Andrea Sheehan   ©2014 Parents' Choice
Andrea Sheehan is a former teacher and Mom to four, currently working to successfully blend games, teaching, and technology with her startup, Outthink Inc.

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