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Trap Shadow

Trap Shadow

Spring 2014 Toys
Ages: Infant
Manufacturer: Activision, Inc.
Price: $14.99

Stink Bomb, Freeze Blade, and Trap Shadow are Skylanders, collectible figurines that come to life onscreen when placed on a "Power Portal" attached to any major game console (e.g., Wii, WiiU, Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo 3DS, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, XBox 360, and XBox ONE). Children can play with the figurines by themselves or use them to play three different videogame adventures.

Although the various games' adventures involve extensive fighting between characters, it is done in a very cartoonish manner with no graphic blood or gore. In fact, the fighting scenarios involve a great deal of creativity and problem-solving, because each character has its own strengths and weaknesses; players must weigh not only their own capabilities (i.e., power, armor, agility, and luck), but those of their opponents as well. In addition to the games, the website offers a variety of mini-games, apps, and activities, which increase long-term play value. And, given the game's popularity among children and adults alike, more games (and characters) are certain to come in the future. When children have exhausted their screen time allowance, the figurines still offer hours of imaginative and creative play.

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