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My ABC Book

My ABC Book

Spring 2014 Toys
Ages: 3 - 5 yrs.
Manufacturer: ALEX
Price: $20.95

My ABC Book is a preschool scrapbook kit created around the theme of interacting with letters and words that start with that letter. Children paste, color, apply stickers and draw as they make their way through the book of 26 letters. For example: "F" is for Family comes with letter reinforcing activities: paste a picture of your family here; paste the frame from the punch out page; draw your funniest face; paste a picture of your friend here - and so on. Some of our four year old testers had trouble managing their fine motor skills to conquer the nuances of pasting so that doors can open, lids can lift, and things can be inserted into pockets. But working alongside the comfort, assistance and encouragement of mom yielded a sense of accomplishment and fun. All in all, My ABC Book is a hands-on, age appropriate and fun way to work with letters, letter sounds, words, and fine motor skills to create a colorful and personalized alphabet scrapbook. The kit includes the spiral bound scrapbook, over 500 stickers and shapes, little hand friendly glue stick, six fine point washable markers and paper tape.

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