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Spring 2014 Toys
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: InRoad Toys
Price: $12.99

This simple and cleverly designed 10-yard-roll of tape has a road surface and lane markers printed on one side and an adhesive backing on the other. Kids had miles of fun planning roads that had a specific destination, or others ventured out west where roads don't seem to end. Some testers created a track on the floor with a ramp going onto the couch and then onto a table and a semi-permanent road on a wall in the bedroom.

The 10 yards of toxin free tape sticks to any flat surface. It doesn't leave a residue and can be repositioned a couple of times (depending on the surface used) before it loses its adhesive. Fun, portable, and wallet friendly, the tape comes in black (we think it's gray), orange and purple.

Ines Horlacher   ©2014 Parents' Choice
Ines holds a Bachelor's degree in secondary Spanish education, a Master's Degree in secondary teaching and is currently pursuing an Administrator's endorsement on her teaching certificate. Married and mother of a five year old girl and a three year old boy, if Ines is not cooking, she's consumed by glue, glitter, and cotton ball crafts.

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