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Let's Potty!

Let's Potty!

Spring 2014 Games
Ages: 2 & Up
Manufacturer: Aim HIgh Games
Price: $24.99

The Let's Potty game is, as the name suggests, designed to encourage potty training. The game uses cards featuring acceptable "potty language" to help introduce/review the different terms and phrases that are a part of learning how and when to use the toilet. The game consists of a game board, four character pieces and a sturdy deck of cards sized for little hands.

With an adult as the leader, each player takes turns drawing a card and moves along the toilet paper trail to the potty by landing on either star pictures or toilet paper rolls (rollies). The deck of cards instructs the player to either move ahead or stay on their spot. A 'stay card' may read, "Accidents happen, that's ok. We'll try again later today!" A 'move ahead card' may read, "Time to put your diapers away, you're going to use the potty today!" It prompts you to "stay here", "move to next star" or "move to next rolly." Each player continues drawing cards until everyone has reached the potty. An option for parents looking for a way to add a little levity to a sometimes difficult developmental hurdle

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