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Cupcake Doodle

Cupcake Doodle

Spring 2014 Mobile Apps
Ages: 6 & Up
Developer: Shoe the Goose
Download Price: $0.99
Platform: iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

Cupcake Doodle is all about making, decorating and eating cupcakes. On entering the app, the user immediately gets a choice between fifteen cupcakes. These choices include innovative flavors such as Bacon & Berries, Green Tea, The King and Hummingbird. After selecting a cupcake, the next choice is to either make it from scratch or just bake and decorate. When making it from scratch, the recipes shown are actual cupcake recipes and all of the necessary ingredients are depicted with a checklist above the large bowl they need to be mixed in. When ingredients are dragged into the bowl, a sifter appears and the user is prompted to rotate the handle. An appropriate sound effect compliments the sifting process. Each ingredient can then be selected and added. Sometimes this means tilting the iPad or shaking it. Fortunately for those instances, a prompt is provided.

Once everything has been added to the bowl, it's time to mix by rubbing the inside of the bowl. This whole process has been made very interactive. After mixing, a tin is selected for baking. There are four choices including fluted and heart shaped. Next the color and design of the paper liners is selected and into the oven they go. Out of the oven they are ready to decorate and eat. Favorites can be saved on a rack. But be careful! After spending much time with this app most kids will want to head to the kitchen to try this for real.

Kristin Harris   ©2014 Parents' Choice
Kristin Reiber Harris is an artist, animator and educator who has created over 50 short form animations with a focus on educational media for young children. Her work has been broadcast on HBO Family and screened in numerous film festivals around the country. She is currently developing interactive media introducing young children to great works of art through stories. Kristin writes about her interests in kids, art and technology at

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