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Storytelling with Shawn: Tales for the Wee Little Ones

Storytelling with Shawn: Tales for the Wee Little Ones

Spring 2014 Storytelling
Ages: 3 - 8 yrs.
CD Price: $12.00

Veteran professional storyteller Shawn Middleton spins original and familiar tales with gentle twists: The three little pigs, playful Boogaloo-ing rappers, teach the big bad wolf to tie his shoes; Goldilocks cooks replacement porridge for the three bears, helps with chair repair and finds her way home thanks to Baby Bear's GPS; and pizza cravings loom large in a rhyming "Three Billy Goats Gruff." Other stories include "The Lion and the Mouse," "The Tortoise and the Hare" and Middleton's original tracks: "A Frog Named Amy and a Frog Named Jill," "Why Cats Wash Their Paws After They Eat," "Dino Rap," "Hat Song."

Lynne Heffley   ©2014 Parents' Choice
A freelance writer and editor for the arts and non-profit organizations, Lynne is a former staff writer for the Los Angeles Times, where she established the paper's first weekly children's arts and entertainment beat.

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