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Spring 2014 Television
Ages: 6 - 11 yrs.
Producer: Nickelodeon
Rating: TVY

Nickelodeon presents Jinxed, an original feature-length comedy about bad luck, good intentions, and one teen's struggle to accept the qualities that make her, and her family, unique.

The Murphys really aren't very different from other suburbanites . . . except for the fact that a witch cursed the family generations earlier with a dreaded spell known as "Murphy's Law"—and they've been dealing with a seemingly endless string of bad luck ever since. Really bad luck. The kind of bad luck where a baby tosses an orange and it sets off a domino-effect of catastrophes until the entire house collapses. The Murphys are then forced to move into their grandfather's home and that's when teenager Meg Murphy (who fans of Big Time Rush will recognize as Ciara Bravo) sets out to break the curse once and for all. Easier said than done. The task is complicated by a century-old mystery, a snarky classmate, and an unexpected romance jeopardized by the Murphy family jinx.

Jinxed is the very embodiment of phrases like "light-hearted comedy" and "family-friendly film" but it also includes elements that kick it up a couple of notches above the usual kid-vid offerings. It includes nicely-shot flashback scenes of how the witch cast the original curse on great-great-grandpa Murphy. It offers a plot that isn't totally predictable. Parents will appreciate a program that shows a close-knit family and a storyline challenging Meg to make difficult but responsible choices. Elementary-aged kids and even tweeners will get a laugh out of the unfortunate string of mayhem that seems to accompany Meg's every move. They'll also enjoy the imaginative motion graphics and fun special effects that make the most of the plethora of Murphy misfortune. All in all, Jinxed wrings plenty of good fun out of the Murphy family's bad luck.

Gina Catanzarite   ©2014 Parents' Choice
Gina Catanzarite is an award-winning television producer, writer, teacher, mom and media consultant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She began her career in 1987 and counts 9 Emmy awards, 26 Emmy nominations, a Matrix award, two Pennsylvania Broadcaster's Association Awards, 8 Telly Awards, and a screenwriting grant from the Theatre Association of Pennsylvania, among her professional honors.

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