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Cargo and Passenger Aircraft

Cargo and Passenger Aircraft

Fall 2013 Toys
Ages: 4 - 10 yrs.
Manufacturer: Playmobil USA, Inc.
Price: $109.99

The Playmobil City Action Cargo and Passenger Aircraft consists of the pieces to put together a large toy airplane complete with seats, a bathroom, a cockpit and cargo space; the pieces to make an airport control tower; and 5 toy people (pilot, passengers, airport crew) . Once put together, the plane, tower, and people provide kids with an awesome airport play area. The plane is very big (23 inches long with a 25 inch wingspan) and opens up to reveal seating, a bathroom, and a cockpit area. The control tower is also big and provides seating for an air traffic controller with a desk and computer.

An 8-year-old will be able to assemble the entire plane and control tower by herself or himself. There are many pieces, so children will feel very accomplished once they have finished and the set is ready for play. The set's size impressed all testers, and they loved how accessible elements like the cockpit and control tower were. They all played with this for hours. When play ended for the night, children proudly displayed the plane and tower.

Playmobil's aircraft and control tower set is a very high quality product that parents and children appreciated in equal measure.

Missy Williams   ©2013 Parents' Choice

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