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Deluxe Roominate

Deluxe Roominate

Fall 2013 Toys
Ages: 6 - 12 yrs.
Manufacturer: Maykah, Inc.
Price: $49.99

Roominate is a dollhouse building/engineering kit created by two Stanford engineering graduate students to positively promote STEM to young girls. The concept is so clever, it could clearly extend to boys.

The kits include everything you need to build a dream room or setting. The Basic Roominate kit includes 4 wall/floor panels, 24 furniture building pieces, 16 connectors 1 motor,1 switch, 1 battery pack and craft paper. The Deluxe Roominate kit includes 2x as many furniture pieces (48), switches (2), battery packs (2), and throws in shiny tape, string, felt and 8 sheets of stickers.

The packaging is attractive, informative, and inspiring. Girls could not wait to open their kits. From the minute the kit was opened, parents overheard their daughters saying "Awesome" and "Isn't this great?" and "It's so easy!" And it is. The kits also include idea and how-to cards that inspire design and motor ideas. Each card is bright and clearly illustrated.

Our evaluator's girls, ages 6 to 8, joined two kits (basic and deluxe ) and cooperated to build, furnish, and wire a double decker house, a supermarket, a bedroom, a cafe with an apartment above it, a laundry room, a playroom, a playground, and a science lab. You can upload creations to the Roominate website and view other creations, too.

Andrea Sheehan   ©2013 Parents' Choice
Andrea Sheehan is a former teacher and Mom to four, currently working to successfully blend games, teaching, and technology with her startup, Outthink Inc.

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