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20 Express

20 Express

Fall 2013 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: Blue Orange Games
Price: $19.99

Like quick thinking games? Combining skill and luck, 20 Express crosses the feel of Yahtzee with the logistics of Bingo. There are no dice but numbers, lots of numbers. Of course, like Bingo, the bragging right here is that it can accommodate any number of players, and the more the merrier.

Each player gets a score sheet with twenty blank spaces. To start, a player pulls a tile (numbered 1 to 30) from a bag of 40 shaken-up tiles and announces it to all players. The strategy of the game is pretty simple: All you need to do is predict where in an ascending order of numbers your tile might end up. The goal is to make the longest series of those ascending numbers. There's one "wild card" tile and numbers 11 to 19 are repeated, forcing a little strategic thinking in how you shape your ascending orders.

Educationally, the game requires a little predictive logical thought, though mostly it is pure, replayable fun.

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