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Mother & Son Kitchen Book Club: Stories and Recipes for Hungry Minds

Mother & Son Kitchen Book Club: Stories and Recipes for Hungry Minds

Spring 2013 Doing & Learning
Ages: 7 & Up
Author: Theresa Luu
Author: Mirela Marku
Editor: Karen Miller
Editor: Jami Farkas
Editor: Gail Cohen
Illustrator: Jon Cannell
ISBN: 978-0-9838312-2-8
Hardcover Price: $25.00

The Mother & Son Kitchen Book Club pairs a monthly suggested reading and recipe with related activities. Authors Theresa Luu and Mirela Marku both wanted to spend more meaningful time with their sons. They realized that in the kitchen, it was possible to develop nutrition, science, literature, and critical thinking skills. Their book presents a blueprint for recreating their kitchen book club, a monthly gather of several mother-son pairs to talk about books and the finer points of cooking.

The breadth of content and activities in Mother & Son Kitchen Book Club will provide something for everyone. There is a mix of science (why does yeast rise?) and literature and reading comprehension (make a map of Sleepy Hollow). Featured books include Sleepy Hollow, Shaun Tan's The Arrival, and Paul Fleischman's Weslandia.

Chapters are organized for each month from September through June. Recipes are seasonably appropriate (a pumpkin pie in October, a warming white bean soup in January) and most require easily accessible ingredients. Along with open space for answering questions about each month's book, there are several pages in each chapter about food science and production. There are segments on plant pigments and tips for picking out fresh fish. There are "What If" questions, too, that allow children to predict and observe what might happen if they changed their recipes or cooking processes slightly.

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