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The Economics Book

The Economics Book

Spring 2013 Doing & Learning
Ages: 12 & Up
Author: DK Publishing
Publisher: DK Publishing
ISBN: 978-0756698270
Hardcover Price: $25.00

Economics for young adults? Yes, of course. The Economics Book answers questions that may be on the minds of today's teens. Is globalization inevitable? What do government deficits mean for me? And, what can make cell phones less expensive? The answers to these and many other questions are presented in mostly two-page chapters that are clearly written and for the most part accessible without a dictionary (or smartphone) at hand. The book does use charts to explain common concepts such as supply and demand, but these are clearly explained and should be within grasp of most middle school students. However, there are several chapters that could challenge all but the most advanced high school students.

The Economics Book is not a dismal textbook organized by topics to be mastered before the next test. Rather, it traces the development of economic thinking through time, with each short chapter presenting a concept and biographical sketches of the key thinkers behind it. This organization provides historical context in which ideas developed and how they were molded by society at the time. A great find for young adult readers interested in the role economics plays on the world stage.

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