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Slimy Sticky Silly Stuff

Slimy Sticky Silly Stuff

Spring 2013 Toys
Ages: 6 & Up
Manufacturer: ALEX
Price: $38.95

Slimy Sticky Silly Stuff is a fun science kit for kids ages 6 and up, which includes all of the materials needed for 7 easy science experiments in a box that is compartmentalized to provide each experiment with its own section and materials (down to the plastic beakers). Also included is a book that provides dozens of additional activities that require a few easily sourced materials each for added experiments.

Children loved completing the projects included with this kit, each of which took about an hour to do. The experiments were easy for them to complete independently, which made them feel like little scientists. Their work yielded dinosaur made of crystals, green slime, and bouncy balls. Because there were beakers for each experiment, two children can easily work at once.

The paper booklet that's included offers dozens of additional activities, most of which require just basic household materials. It's a good resource for rainy days.

Parents loved the amount of play value offered by this kit. They appreciated that it does not use dangerous chemicals, and that the instructions clearly caution young scientists not to inhale any gases released by their experiments. There is only one caveat our reviewers had in recommending this kit: Slimy Sticky Silly Stuff offers hours of entertaining play for young scientists, but only scant explanations for why each activity works.

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