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Nancy B's Science Club Crime Solver Scope and Forensic Activity Journal

Nancy B's Science Club Crime Solver Scope and Forensic Activity Journal

Spring 2013 Toys
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: Educational Insights
Price: $15.99

Nancy B's Crime Solver Scope is a dual magnifying glass and telescope. It is a simple tool that comes with a twenty-two page forensic activity journal that teaches young sleuths the finer points of investigating and solving mysteries.

The forensic activity journal begins with an introduction to what forensic scientists do and how. This and the rest of the journal are written from the friendly and inviting tone of Nancy B, a character who will appeal to both boys and girls with her approachable curiosity. Everything becomes a subject for closer investigation here. There are pages devoted to the study of fingerprints that teach children how to create their own makeshift inkpad from pencil scribblings. Another page prompts children to differentiate human versus stuffed animal hair using their microscope, and later children investigate the crumbs from between their couch cushions. Throughout, the journal emphasizes that as they engage in forensic studies, it is important to observe safety rules and to respect the privacy of their neighbors by not spying on them.

The journal finishes with critical thinking and writing activities, including several mysteries that can be solved using the crime scope. In one, children use fingerprint illustrations to determine which suspect ate the cookies from the cookie jar. Forensic science fans are introduced to Agatha Christie, too, and are encouraged to write their own short mystery story.

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