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Spring 2013 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: North Star Games LLC
Price: $13.99

Clubs is a card game for families who really like their card games. For younger players and card game novices, there's a bit of a learning curve. Players need to have a firm grasp of what a "meld" is and what it means to take a "trick." A few practice rounds are helpful.

Though you can play with two players, Clubs is more fun with 3 or more. The game is won when one player scores more than 50 points in a round. Points are collected by the number of clubs cards a player collects through taking tricks (each club card has a points value assigned to it) plus points from bonus cards. The player who plays his or her cards down first, i.e. "goes out", picks the highest bonus card from a pile. The next player to go out picks the next highest bonus card and so on until everyone is out.

Within the game, a more daring player might call "double or nothing" on his turn, predicting that he (or she) will be first to go out. This can double, or negate, all of that player's club and bonus card points, and heighten competition.

Once players are up-to-speed on the rules, Clubs is a fun and fast-moving card game that should be a camping trip staple.

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Teresa DiFalco is an award-winning ghostwriter, writer, and mother in Vancouver, Washington. She's been a contributing editor for Parents' Choice for over ten years. She's a strong speller, a menace at badminton, and makes a decent soufflé.

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