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Ooga Booga

Ooga Booga

Spring 2013 Games
Ages: 7 & Up
Manufacturer: Blue Orange Games
Price: $12.99

Ooga Booga is a lively and silly memory game. Players take turns reciting a sequence of nonsense syllables and emphatic actions that grows as each player reveals a new card. Players who forget the sequence or lose their place have to pick up more cards and start a new sequence until someone runs out of cards. Each success ends with a challenge for the next player. A win ends with the cry of victory: "Ooga booga!"

This game had us getting tongue-tangled and laughing ourselves silly as we grunted like cavemen. None of us who tried the game escaped an error (leading to accusatory cries of "Pabo! Pabo!"), so it turned out to be a good game for a group of players of mixed age. As more games are played, it is possible to learn the vocabulary of the game cards and to improve; the game makers recommend alternate directions to make it more challenging, such as hiding the pictures so the game is strictly memory-based and not built on visual cues, or allowing players to strategically select the next player to recite the chain rather than going in order.

If you are planning to play Ooga Booga, prepare to get silly. It is not educational nor strategic, in general. But it's a fun game for a group of friends or a family game night. It is also nicely compact, so it's easy to carry along and pull out at dull moments!

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