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Bunny Peek A Boo

Bunny Peek A Boo

Spring 2013 Games
Ages: 2 & Up
Manufacturer: Smart Toys and Games
Price: $24.99

Bunny Peek-A-Boo is a three-dimensional puzzle for young children. It includes three well-made, sturdy wooden building blocks, an adorable wooden bunny, and thirty double-sided cards featuring sixty challenges. The game, which has four difficulty levels (Starter, Junior, Expert, and Master) requires children to use the blocks and bunny to recreate patterns pictured on the challenge cards. The product also includes game rules, helpful suggestions for parents and children, and a separate solution sheet. The creators included the solution sheet as opposed to providing answers on the challenge cards to prevent children from being confused or distracted by them.

The puzzle develops logical reasoning, strategic planning, and visual/spatial perception; it can also develop object permanence, the concept that an object is still there despite being hidden from view. Any mom who needs to leave the room for five minutes can understand the importance of object permanence!

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