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Marble Math Junior

Marble Math Junior

Spring 2013 Mobile Apps
Ages: 5 - 8 yrs.
Developer: Artgig Apps
Download Price: $1.99
Platform: iPad

Marble Math Junior is a fun game for children to practice sequencing, addition, and counting. Children guide a marble through mazes filled with numbers and obstacles. The challenge is either to collect numbers that equal a given sum, to collect all examples of a given shape, to collect numbers from smallest to largest, or to collect them from largest to smallest.

The app can be tailored to a child's abilities using a comprehensive set of options; so comprehensive, in fact, that parents may wish to help their children navigate them. First, players select whether to play the easy, medium, or hard level. Then they choose a marble and pick from several options that further affect the game's difficulty. It is possible, for example, to guide the marble through each maze by tilting the device to-and-fro; this is a neat way to play, but it may be frustrating for young ones. They can instead choose to use their finger to move the marble. Obstacles, including slippery banana peels, appear in each maze, but these too can be turned off from the options screen. Once they begin playing, children who get stuck by certain challenges can choose to see the computer complete the level for them. We liked that this feature encourages children to complete the level, still, after seeing the computer do it.

The complexity of its options aside, Marble Math Junior is a very fun and effective way to practice math skills. It offers plenty of options that will allow children of different ages to be equally challenged by it.

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