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Smart Tutor Online Reading and Math Programs

Smart Tutor Online Reading and Math Programs

Spring 2013 Website
Ages: 5 - 13 yrs.
Producer: Smart Tutor

Smart Tutor is designed to assess and improve children's academic skills in grades K through 5, primarily in the areas of reading (phonics to comprehension) and math (number and operations to data analysis and probability). The initial assessment is designed to get a handle on a child's academic strengths as well as areas that need work. The online assessments are about 15-20 minutes long; there is a break about every five minutes during which a child watches a brief video clip or plays a quick game. Testers found the assessment results easy to interpret and helpful in picking which activities were best for their children.

Presented via animated videos, the skills and lessons are age appropriate, easy to understand and attuned to young attention spans. Our testers appreciated the customization options. Teachers or parents can assign different activities, and they have control over which topics the child can access.

Superstars from Babe Ruth to Beyonce, and Neil Armstrong to Steve Jobs may be known for very different things, but they all prove one truth: the best way to improve any skill is to practice. Smart Tutor suggests that working on skills for even 15 minutes a day is enough to demonstrate a difference. Take their free resources of learning games and activities for a test drive and then take a spin around the track with the 14 day free trial offer. Practice may not make perfect, but it will certainly encourage progress.

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