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Seymour Simon: Exceptional Nonfiction for Children

Seymour Simon: Exceptional Nonfiction for Children

Spring 2013 Website
Ages: 6 - 12 yrs.
Author: Seymour Simon
Director: Chris Simental
Director: Heather Richman
Editor: Liz Nealon

Seymour Simon, prolific and noted author of children's science books, offers a website to teach science to children in a fun and engaging manner. While most of the books on the site must be purchased to be read, there are free downloads that are fun for kids, such as the observation logs. There is also a wonderful science dictionary that gives you the definition and pictures of scientific terms. The science blog and science news sections have regular updates on different topics on which children can read and post. The videos here are not always as strong as the downloads or dictionary. They are entertaining and educational, but they also advertise for books.

Overall, Seymour Simon's site is useful for budding scientists. It contains a large amount of scientific information for children, a fact that makes the advertisements for related products on the site acceptable.

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