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Shake Your Pirate Booty

Shake Your Pirate Booty

Spring 2013 Music
Ages: All Ages
CD Price: $7.99

Clint Perry & The Boo Hoo Crew from California formed in 2011, after Perry self-published a kids book called Pack Rat Pat, Don't Take That. Library readings and singing a few songs lead Perry eventually to form a band called The Boo Hoo Crew. Shake Your Pirate Booty is their second release, and it is a seven song EP (just over 20 minutes long) that is, of course, pirate themed. The fun begins with their "Pirate Booty Song," which contains the usual amount of salty sentiments and scurvy songwriting to satisfy any little buccaneer. "Everybody's Pirates" is a jaunty hornpipe with a nod and wink to the music of The Pogues, while "Pirates" sings the joys and the (mostly culinary) woes of being a pirate, backed by a sweet chorus of junior sailors and great concertina playing by guest musician Alan DiCato. "Hey Hey Ho Ho Yo HoYo Ho" is a shuffling pop tune, that reminds one of R.E.M. with eye patches and peg legs. "Pirate King" is nice little epic tale of daring-do on the seven seas, while "Pirate Holiday" takes an Irish march and gives it the Pirate treatment, complete with silly voiceovers about pirates too lazy to do their jobs. The album finishes up with the spiffy little "Landlubber," which celebrates those who prefer terra firma to the high seas.

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