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YouTurns by B. toys

YouTurns by B. toys

Fall 2012 Toys
Ages: 1 - 5 yrs.
Manufacturer: B. Toys (by Battat)
Price: $19.99
The YouTurns toy is a steering wheel lap toy that has a cushioned base. It features a screen that displays gameboard-like scenery of a windy street complete with buildings, cars, and pedestrians. Turning the wheel gives the illusion of driving through the streets of a little picture book town. There is a gear shift to drive forward, backwards, or sit in neutral. There are right and left turn signals, a horn, engine sounds, and even driving music. Our parent test drivers had as much fun as the kids.

Cassandra Bishop   ©2012 Parents' Choice
Cassandra Bishop holds a BA in Psychology and has her Master's degree in Social Work well within her grasp. The mother of two young and very energetic boys is passionate about the environment, healthy living, and education.

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