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Circle of the Sun

Circle of the Sun

Fall 2012 Music
Ages: 1 - 12 yrs.
Producer: Rebel Toy Music
CD Price: $9.99

Singer/songwriter Richard Younger's second album Circle of the Sun combines some solid musicianship, friendly effortless singing and some mini life lessons for younger children. The album opens with the vaguely 60s sounding folk-pop of "Magic Shoes," and continues with a rendition of the traditional Yoruba greeting song "Funga Alafia," and a great horn-drenched version of the classic Robert Parker rock tune "Barefootin'." Younger writes in the folk tradition of Ella Jenkins and Pete Seeger, and his original tunes such as the reassuring "New Boo Boo," the bluegrass track "Ten Little Fingers," and the country waltz "Crash" (with vocals by daughter Michele Younger) show his talent. He does a warm interpretation of the traditional "Old Brass Wagon," that goes from folk to jazz to reggae all in the course of one song, while his rendition of the Cajun dance song "Fais Do Do," (with vocals by other daughter Sophie) is a treat. He even pays tribute to his favorite British pop group The Small Faces with a cover of Ronnie Lane's "The Poacher," and "Up the Wooden Hills to Bedfordshire," which features original member Ian McLagen on keyboards. Elsewhere, he turns in a Byrds-like rendition of Pete Seeger's "Turn Turn Turn," and an amiable cover of Sally Roberts' "Circle of the Sun."

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