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Bizzy Bear Builds a House

Bizzy Bear Builds a House

Fall 2012 Mobile Apps
Ages: 2 & Up
Developer: Nosy Crow
Download Price: $3.99
Platform: iPhone/iPad

Bizzy Bear Builds a House is an interactive storybook for toddlers and preschool aged children. With pleasant voice acting, realistic sound effects, lively illustrations, word-tracking, and polite characters, it offers an excellent introduction to construction play, reading, and manners.

The narrative serves to support the game's many engaging building activities. Early readers can follow the story as it is read with the app's word-tracking feature, which highlights words as they are pronounced. Throughout the story, Bizzy Bear serves as a helper working on a very busy house-building site. Bizzy Bear helps his other animal coworkers by digging a hole, moving dirt with a dump truck, and carrying bricks on a load lifter. He also makes time to push sand into place and operate a crane. Each of these activities is interactive, allowing little ones to control the vehicles that Bizzy uses to complete them with intuitive gestures. Bizzy Bear's fellow construction workers are extremely polite. Children complete each task as Bizzy, and the other characters then thank Bizzy Bear for being so helpful. Children will learn that big tasks, like building a house, happen when people help each other out.

Well-produced and charming, Bizzy Bear Builds a House will surely become a favorite amongst families with toddlers and preschoolers.

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