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Illumivor Mecha-Shark

Illumivor Mecha-Shark

Fall 2012 Toys
Ages: 6 & Up
Manufacturer: Skyrocket Toys
Price: $89.99

The Illumivor Mecha-Shark is an 18-inch long remote-controlled shark. The shark is trimmed with glowing lights along its fins and teeth, making it especially impressive in dark rooms. Neither children nor parents will be able to resist playing with the loud, large, and impressive toy. Use its remote to steer the toy and activate its glowing, gnashing teeth. As the toy is sturdy and heavy, those with fragile or low-to-the-ground furniture may wish to bring it outside while becoming used to the controls, as bumps will occur.

Though there is not a specific educational lesson that children can learn from the shark itself, it is sure to inspire a child curious about robots and the art of making. And while the toy might sound scary to those who have seen Jaws, our experience suggests that only cats will fear this ocean predator.

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