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My Cute Pets - 3D Wonder Paint Activity Kit

My Cute Pets - 3D Wonder Paint Activity Kit

Fall 2012 Toys
Ages: 6 & Up
Manufacturer: Creativity for Kids
Price: $13.00

This kit contains three 3D plastic animals, 2 pattern sheets with 8 designs, 2 plastic project sheets and one plastic sun catcher. This enables you to make one sun catcher, about 4 window art (clear sticker) items, and 3 stand-up animals. It comes with 4 colors (one is glittery) and a black outliner. Children enjoyed making these items, and the color paints are puffy and pretty. The kit also comes with a variety of accessories (ribbons, bows, pompoms) to put on the creations.

This project is recommended for ages 6 and up. Parents found this recommendation accurate, as a 9-year-old was able to do a very nice job making a sun catcher and stickers, while a 5-year-old found it difficult to judge how much paint to put on each piece without making it look messy. The 3D animals have multiple pieces with notches that fit together to create a stand. This was a fun kit, with good results, though children did complain that the glitter paint ran out too quickly. Parents should note, then, that this is a one-time project that will fill an hour or so.

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