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Morphology Junior

Morphology Junior

Fall 2012 Games
Ages: 8 - 12 yrs.
Manufacturer: Morphology Games
Price: $29.99

So many new games today borrow ideas and game play from previously successful games. Morphology Junior, the younger and simpler version of Morphology, is sort of like a cross between Password and Charades. You're on a team and start by trying to get your teammates to guess a secret word you've chosen by drawing a card. You can give one hint (provided by the card) plus any number of visual clues using the Morphology pieces, which include rectangular wood pieces, a black string, colored plastic blocks, wooden humanoid figures and fake gemstones.

So, for instance, if your word is "balloon," after you give the hint that it's "in the air," you could hold the string to the bottom of a round gemstone and sort of fly it in the air. Or, for the word "car," for instance, you could shape the image of a car from the string. The word "soccer"? Pick up two of the wooden humanoid figures and kick one of the cubes around with them. This is a short game, a fun party game that's not complicated, just like charades really, but with props. The more players, the merrier.

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