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Fall 2012 Puzzles
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: Fat Brain Toys
Price: $12.95

Some games and puzzles catch you completely off guard. FOLD is a folding puzzler whose 10 colorfully patterned challenges are immediately mindboggling, so simple and yet somehow so perplexing.

Initially, you just have to get past the flexibility of the sturdily laminated cards to even come close to figuring out what's possible. And, then, these smart geometric brainteasers, crafted by puzzlemaster Ivan Moscovich, prove to be difficult for players of any age, so when you actually solve one you're really happy about it.

The challenges have names such as Color Windows, Lotus of the Heart, Tricky Triangles and FlexiTwist, but that's just window-dressing for puzzles that require logical thinking, fine-motor skills and lots of patience. These graphic aerobics aren't easy. They will test you to the limit, trying to figure out how to twist and fold the puzzle card so that the final configuration matches the goal. It's something like a Rubik's Cube but in 2-D with both colors and graphic icons that need to be aligned in specified ways.

Good news is that this remarkable package of origami puzzles includes a cheat sheet that shows you step-by-step how each puzzle is solved. In the final fold, you will be amazed at the thinking that goes into solving the easiest of these puzzles.

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