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The Complete Paper Making Kit

The Complete Paper Making Kit

Fall 2012 Toys
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: Creativity for Kids
Price: $30.00

The Complete Paper Making Kit consists of the following:

  • All-inclusive set contains: shredded paper, plastic basin, paper making tray, screens, sponge
  • Paper punch, scissors, stencil
  • Mixing bag, drying boards, colored tissue paper, glitter, ribbon, markers

The kit encourages papermaking as a craft and an art. It inspires and invites creativity at a number of levels. Children can enjoy learning about the process of papermaking, and they can engage in papermaking in a way that is not cumbersome. The resulting products could be used as gifts or cards. The variety of materials provided is comprehensive and the instructions are clear. Parents were satisfied by the quality, appearance and assembly of the product. That said, our evaluators emphasized that the kit should be used with children who have expressed an interest in paper-making and similar crafts. The papermaking process may seem boring to those who do not hold such an interest.

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Creativity for Kids
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