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Tales to Play - The Little Engine That Could Game

Tales to Play - The Little Engine That Could Game

Fall 2012 Games
Ages: 4 & Up
Manufacturer: PlayMonster
Price: $23.99

The Patch Little Engine That Could Game is a creative way to explore the classic story of the little engine that refused to give up. Stories like this are always good to share with children, as they help them understand very important lessons such as perseverance and hard work. This game is a creative and fun way to try to drive home the lessons in the story, and works as a companion to the book.

The game's packaging is inviting and accurate, and the instructions and assembly were both very easy to figure out. Most children love to explore new games and figure out the rules and how to win. Parents like games because they can watch their children work through disputes and learn about turn taking and fair play. This game is great for reinforcing these very important concepts. The game is pretty simple. Up to 4 trains can play. Each player takes a card and moves his or her train first along a board, then up, up, and over a hill and down the back side. There are several ways to get points (chips and cards) and young ones (with help from mom or dad) add up the points at the end to see who wins. Some preferred to play without the points, and chose to play and see who got to the top of the mountain first.

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