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Delicious by Orange Sherbet

Delicious by Orange Sherbet

Fall 2012 Music
Ages: Infant - 10 yrs.
Producer: Orange Sherbet
CD Price: $12.97

Based in Northern California's Bay Area, children's band Orange Sherbet (Jill and Steve Pierce, Tamsen Fynn) serves up a tasty treat, indeed. Don't be surprised if this beautifully crafted, jazzy, bluesy celebration of fresh food, farmers' markets, nature's seasons and family inspires a sudden urge for waffles, juicy berries, ripe tomatoes, rice and beans ("food for the soul") and a memory-making cup of tea with grandma. Not a preachy note is struck, just memorable vocals and sophisticated instrumentals expertly applied to a blend of slow and lively musical styles. Two highlights: Flynn's "Honey Bee ("Honey on a honey comb/Dripping down insideā€¦")-golden sunshine and the lazy buzz of bees on a sleepy summer day-and the fine, homemade sound of the trio singing "Garden Song (Inch by Inch)," David Mallett's folk music classic, accompanied only by a ukulele strum.

For more fun from Orange Sherbet, watch the video for their song "Springtime," which features illustrations by Sarah Klein, who also does the artwork for The Local Foods Wheel.

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